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Families are complex structures.  Your family is often your identity, especially when you are young.   How you feel about yourself emotionally can depend on how you see your family structure. Everyone within the family has different personalities, beliefs, goals and desires which they are hoping to have met within the family structure.

However, families often get stuck and find it difficult to communicate with each other.  They can also find it difficult to allow differences.  This can lead to unrest and inability to express and be yourself within the family.

There are many complex issues that can cause families to become dysfunctional such as separation or divorce, domestic violence, family communication problems, families not allowing differences, mental health, siblings difficult interactions, trauma to name a few.


If a person feels that they cannot be themselves within a family, or find it emotionally difficult in the family, then psychotherapy can help them. 

For example, if a family member comes out as gay, this may not be acceptable to the family, also, divorce and separation which destroys the current family unit can cause uncertainty and pain which needs to be worked through.